How to Paint Your Wicker Resin Furniture

Wicker Resin Furniture is a good option for your outdoor deck furniture. It is durable and it withstands different weather conditions. After may years of exposure to sun, rain and wind, your wicker furniture may begin to look tired and old. One way to spruce it up and restore it back to an original condition is to get out a can of spray paint and update its look and feel

Spray Paint

Not all spray paints are alike. A trip to your local home improvement center will demonstrate the many hundreds of different spray paints available. Some spray paints are good for wood and others are good for use on metal. You want to purchase a spray paint that works on outdoor plastic or resin material. There will be many colors and finishes available to you. Anything with a high gloss finish will look wet all the time, but will be easy to wipe down. Try a textured paint for a different look

Painting Your Resin Wicker

Painting the Wicker furniture is relatively easy. After you have completely washed and dried your furniture, you can apply the spray paint. Just make sure you are in a well venitillated area. Apply the paint using soft even strokes, completely covering the existing paint and furniture color. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours and reapply if necessary.