How to Paint-On Porcelain Tile Sealer How to Paint-On Porcelain Tile Sealer

What You'll Need
Porcelain Tile Sealer
Paint Pan
Paper Towels

Porcelain tile sealer is required whether you are installing porcelain tiles on a floor or on a wall. This article will discuss the proper way to apply the sealer in order to ensure it is properly adhered.

Step 1 - Preparation

Pour your porcelain tile sealer into a paint pan. You can also use another shallow receptacle. Just be sure that it is easily accessible during application.

Step 2 - Brushes

Submerge your brush, roller or mop into the porcelain tile sealer so that it is completely saturated. Plan to have a few different tools on hand so that you can switch to a different tool if you find your first choice is not working properly.

Step 3 - Application

Apply the sealer generously all over the tile surface. Make sure that there is a good amount on the brush at all times to avoid streaks. If you are applying porcelain tile sealer to a floor, start in a far corner and continue back towards the door so that you are not trapped.

Step 4 - Drying

Wipe away the excess sealer with paper towels after you allow it to dry. Usually, the drying time is only a few hours.

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