How to Patch a Leaking Metal Carport How to Patch a Leaking Metal Carport

What You'll Need
Putty Knife
Patch Repair Cloth

While not the most common problem, leaks in a metal carport do happen and when they do, they can seem like the end of your metal carport. Rest assured though, you don’t have to replace your whole car carport or even your aluminum carport roof. Below are some basic steps to take to seal a leak in any metal roofing material.

Step 1 – Remove Roofing

Many carport roofs, even metal ones, are not rated for supporting the weight of a person. Even if they are capable of supporting large amounts of snow or other heavy materials, remember that that snow is spread out across the whole roof, while all your weight is in one spot. Unless the manufacturer’s manual specifically says otherwise (and it likely won’t), you’ll have to remove your metal roofing before doing your repair work.

Step 2 – Remove Old Sealant

A quality metal roof will have sealant on there to protect it against the elements and make for an easy job washing it. However, the sealant also protects it from you properly fixing the leak, so you’ll have to remove the sealant around the leak.

Step 3 – Repair Cloth

Repair cloth looks like a thin, flexible, plastic screen. You’ll need to cut it into strips to cover the area where there is a leak. For leaks around any curved surfaces, cut smaller, thin strips of repair cloth. Otherwise, you can more or less cut the repair cloth as wide and as long as you want, though there’s no point in going more than a couple inches beyond the point of the leak.

Step 4 – Applying New Sealant

It is now time to apply the new sealant. Be sure that the sealant you buy is designed for your specific type of metal. If repairing a leak in the summer, this is best done either in the morning or evening, as the hot sun may end up drying out your sealant before you are done applying it.

Use your putty knife to apply the sealant directly to the repair cloth. It needs to be on there thick enough that you can not see the repair cloth anymore. You are more or less applying it as if you were putting frosting on a cake, thoroughly covering all of the repair cloth and trying to keep it as smooth as possible.

Take your time to make it smooth, but remember that the longer you take, the more chance that the sealant will start to dry out. If it begins to dry before you’re done, it will start to get lumpy and rough as you are applying it.

Step 5 – Reinstall Roof

Be sure that the sealant has had at least a full 24 hours to dry. Once you are sure that the sealant is fully dried, you can bring your roof back up onto your metal carport. If necessary, enlist the help of a friend or two to get the roof up there.

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