How to Patch a Mini Trampoline

People workout on mini trampolines.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
Straight pins
Duct tape
Thick nylon threads
Sewing machine
Denim needles
Trampoline mat repair kit

A mini trampoline is used mostly for an exercise known as “rebounding,” which is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise. It is meant to increase your heart rate, while limiting impact on your joints. You can also increase your balance and coordination. It is rare that the mat over the mini trampoline gets damaged, since it does not see the amount of extreme use that an outside trampoline sees. There are, however, things that can damage the mini trampoline inside the house, like sharp objects. Even shoes can damage the mini trampoline mat. Instead of replacing the mat, you can simply repair it, and the article that follows will explain how you can do it.

Step 1 - Inspect

Take a close look at the mini trampoline mat. Make note of any holes or tears in the surface. Press down on the mat, to see smaller issues that may not be visible. If there are a lot of issues, then you may be better off replacing the entire mat, instead of patching it. Mark each of the tears and holes with duct tape. Once the mat is removed these areas may vanish, as there will now be more slack in the material.

Step 2 - Remove the Mat

The mat on the mini trampoline (as on all trampolines) is affixed to the frame by hooks and springs. In order to remove the mat, you need to remove the springs from the frame. This can be tricky, as the mat is very tight. Grab a spring and pull it toward your body and then unhook it. Do this for each spring. Once they are all unhooked, pull the mat off of the frame.

Step 3 - Use Patching Material

Lay the mini trampoline mat out flat on the floor. Locate each piece of duct tape you placed, and then measure them with the ruler. Transfer the measurements to the patch material and then cut the patch. Do this for each hole or tear that needs to be patched. Make the patch twice the size of the hole. Cut out two pieces for each tear of the exact size, as the pieces will sandwich the hole.

Step 4 - Repair the Mat

Place each piece of the repair material over the tear, making sure that it is centered. Pin them in place, and then put the mini trampoline mat on the sewing machine. Load the sewing machine with the thick nylon thread and the denim needle. A normal needle and thread will be too weak to puncture the mat. Sew the patch material in place, making sure you stitch around the patch twice, as well as through the center of the hole or tear. This will make the patch stronger. Do this for each repair you need to do, and then flip it over and repeat with the second patch, to form the sandwich. Replace the mat to the frame of the trampoline.