How to Patch a Tear in a Linoleum Floor

Lead Image for How to Patch a Tear in a Linoleum Floor
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-30
What You'll Need
Scrap linoleum
Hair dryer or heat gun
Utility knife
Seam sealer

Linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring option that feels comfortable and looks great. One of the problems with linoleum is that it can tear from time to time. If you have a tear in the flooring, this does not mean that you have to replace the whole area. You should be able to patch it in many cases. Here are the basics of how to patch a tear on a linoleum floor.

Locate Scrap

In order to make this work, you will need a piece of the exact same linoleum. Your best hope is that you have a piece of linoleum leftover in the garage, the basement, or the attic. You need it to match because it is going to go into the area that is damaged. If you do not have a scrap piece, go back to the place where you bought the flooring and see if you can order another piece. It will not match exactly, but it will be better than looking at a hole in the floor.

Acclimate the Piece

After you have obtained a scrap piece of linoleum, you need to allow it time to acclimate to the area that you are going to be installing. Linoleum is a natural product and it can expand and contract significantly. Lay it in the room for about 48 hours so that it can get up to the right temperature and humidity level.

Making a Cut

Take the scrap piece of linoleum and lay it on top of the area that needs to be patched. Take some tape and tape the scrap piece to the top of the existing flooring. This way, it will not move while you are cutting. Then take your utility knife and make a cut down through the scrap piece of linoleum and the linoleum that is installed on the floor. By doing this, you will be able to make the piece fits exactly on the floor without any gaps.

Remove the Flooring

After you make your cut, you need to remove the linoleum that is still on the floor. For this process, you may need to heat it up with a blow dryer or a heat gun. This will loosen up the adhesive and make it easier to take up. You may need to use something to scrape the adhesive also.

Installing the Scrap

You are now ready to install the scrap piece of linoleum into the hole. Use a trowel or a putty knife to apply some of the linoleum adhesives to the floor. Then take your linoleum scrap and press it down into the hole. Make sure that none of the adhesives seep out from around the edges. Put something heavy on the linoleum while the adhesive dries.

Sealing the Seam

You should then use a seam sealer to seal up around the patch. This will keep dirt from getting in the seam and keep it from looking bad.