How to Patch Concrete Walls How to Patch Concrete Walls

What You'll Need
Garden hose or spray bottle filled with water
Portland cement
Mixing bucket or wheelbarrow
Wooden mixing stick
Pointing trowel or knife for applying putty
Plastic sheet and adhesive tape
Paint, as desired

You may need to patch concrete walls in your home or yard if the concrete itself begins to become cracked or damaged. It's important that you repair any cracks or damaged areas that might develop quickly, as failure to do so can weaken the wall and open up the possibility of more severe structural damage. Small cracks can quickly develop into much larger ones, so patching up a small crack in a prompt fashion can help to save you time and money later on. With a few basic tools and materials, you can repair minor cracks in your concrete walls on your own.

Step 1 - Prepare the Concrete Surface

In order to best facilitate the concrete repair process and to avoid the potential for further cracking and damage as you're working, you should begin by spraying down the concrete crack with water. A great deal of water isn't needed, and a spray bottle will be fine if you don't have easy access to a hose. Do this several hours before you begin to fill in the crack, and repeat every 2 hours or so until you're ready to begin. Once you are ready to begin, spray down the surface one final time.

Step 2 - Blend the Grout Mixture

Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Portland cement to blend it with water. You'll need to mix careful proportions of the cement mixture and the water in a wheelbarrow or mixing bucket. Use the wooden mixing stick to blend the ingredients until the grout mixture begins to thicken. Take note of how large the crack is before you mix so that you can determine your batch size carefully and without wasting any cement.

Step 3 - Fill the Crack

Use the trowel or putty knife to apply the grout mixture to the small crack in the concrete wall. Press the grout into the crack to ensure that it fills the crack completely. Use the trowel edge to clear off any grout that sticks out beyond the surface of the wall around the crack.

Step 4 - Facilitate the Drying Process

Cover up the wall with a piece of plastic sheeting and tape the sheet into place. The concrete patch should not be subject to the elements, so the better that you're able to protect it from exposure, the cleaner the crack will be repaired. Over the next several days, remove the sheet three times per day and spray the crack area with additional water to facilitate a smooth drying process.

Step 5 - Paint the Concrete

If desired, once the grout has dried completely you can then paint the concrete area that you've patched up so that it matches with the rest of the concrete wall.

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