How to Patch Concrete with Concrete Adhesive How to Patch Concrete with Concrete Adhesive

What You'll Need
Wire Brush
Pressure Hose
Concrete Adhesive
Caulking Gun
Grinder With 80 Grit Paper
Flat Scraper

Concrete is a very strong construction material that is used for basement floors and walls, walkways, driveways, and any number of other uses. Concrete is also a porous substance that does expand and contrast depending on the water content in the area. When it expands, there will be small cracks that form. This is how concrete is suppose to work. However, when there are large cracks that are not formed through expanding, you will need to patch them with some concrete adhesive.

Step 1: Clean out Concrete Crack

Before using any concrete adhesive on the crack in the floor or wall, you must first clean it out. This will require some work with a chisel and a wire brush. What you are trying to do is dig out the pieces of concrete that are loose while also making the crack easier to fill with the adhesive. 

Step 2: Pressure Wash Crack

Once you have removed what you can with the wire brush and chisel you should also use a pressure washer on the area. If there are any weak pieces that did not break off when you used the chisel they will now. This is good as it will provide a much stronger area for the patch. 

Step 3: Choose Concrete Adhesive to Use

The concrete adhesive is usually a thick mortar that is applied in one of two ways. Concrete adhesive can be bought in tubes that is applied with a caulking gun. The second way it is to spread it onto the crack and fill it with a scraper or trowel. If you have a small crack in the wall, the tube type of concrete adhesive will do the job. If there is a wide, lengthy crack you will need to use the spread application. 

Step 4: Apply Concrete Adhesive

If you are using a tube, then start at one end of the crack and start to fill it in. Fill the crack to the top before you move the caulking gun. It is important there are no air holes. If using the spread type of adhesive, scoop a large amount with the scraper and press into the crack. For both applications, make sure to continually depress the concrete patch into the crack. Continue filling in the crack until it is full of adhesive.

Step 5: Grind Concrete Smooth

Once you have filled the crack completely with the concrete adhesive patch, let it set for a few days. It will be a light color when it is ready to work with. To have a smooth finish to the project, grind the concrete patch down to be flush with the floor or wall. A medium grit paper is perfect for this project.

Step 6: Clean and Paint

With a sponge and some warm water, go over the patch to make sure all of the dust is removed. If you have a painted wall, pigmented driveway, or some other use of color, then choose the correct paint to match. This will help the patch to blend in with the overall structure. 

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