How to Perform a Power Steering Flush

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-25
What You'll Need
Car jack
Jack stands
Socket wrench
Line wrenches

If you have had some recent power steering problems, then a power steering flush is going to be needed in order to have the system work correctly. Since the power steering works with the build up of pressure in the liquids in the system, flushing it and making sure the fluids are correct is going to make controlling your care much easier. If you have never done a power steering flush before, the process can be easily done in your own garage. Here are the tools to use and the steps to take in order to perform your own power steering flush.

Step 1 - Park Car on Level Surface

Since you will be jacking your car up to perform a power steering flush you must find a level, and clutter free, area to park the car. Your garage is the best place, but if you need to do this outside, make sure it is a level area.

Step 2 - Locate Power Steering Assembly

Open the hood of you car and look into the engine compartment. On the driver's side you will notice the steering column. Close to this is a long hose that contains the power steering fluid. You will find the filter at the top of this system. Once you locate the filter, you will need to remove it.

Step 3 - Remove Overflow Tank

To get at the power steering assembly easier you will need to remove the overflow tank from the radiator. As you are removing the tank you can also remove the power steering reservoir's hose. Wiggle the hose back and forth after you loosen the clamp. This can be on there pretty tight, so a little patience is required.

Step 4 - Replace Hose

When you remove this hose, it is a good time to replace it with a new one. Leave one end free so it will drain into an empty container. This container will catch all of the old power steering fluid as you flush it out.

Step 5 - Jack up Car

Set the emergency brake on your vehicle and start to jack up your car. Raise it enough so you can get under it comfortably. Set jack stands on the frame to ensure your safety while under it.

Step 6 - Add Power Steering Fluid

Start to pour in new power steering fluid into the reservoir. As you pour in the new fluid you will notice that some of the old fluid will begin to drain out the hose into the container.

Step 7 - Work Steering Wheel

Unlock your steering wheel and then move it back and forth. Move it only a little in each direction.

Step 8 - Watch Container

As you move the steering wheel it will force the old steering fluid out of the power steering. Continue watching the container until you see the new fluid starting to flow through.

Step 9 - Replace Hoses

Now that the old fluid has been flushed from the system you can replace the hose from the reservoir to the power steering assembly. Replace the overflow tank and fill the power steering reservoir with fresh fluid.