How to Pick the Right Gyrocopter Engine

  • 2-10 hours
  • Beginner
  • 750-1200
What You'll Need
Gyrocopter engine

A gyrocopter is not a helicopter or even an airplane. It is a rotary aircraft that utilizes a propeller in order to fly, but not wings. Nothing like an airplane, a gyrocopter sustains low speeds with no fear of crashing or losing control. Take ample time to pick the right gyrocopter engine and let it fly.

Step 1 – Research

Research first the kind of gyrocopter engine that you want. Ensure to have ample information regarding the model, manufacturer and specific functions of your desired gyrocopter engine. It is also important to examine and compare prices from different shops as well as the Internet. Take note that besides giving importance to the right quality of the gyrocopter engine, it is also essential to get a good deal in purchasing one. Oftentimes, magazines and newspapers advertise the ideal gyrocopter engine with discounts and promotions.

For several years, the direct-drive single rotor bridge port aircraft gyrocopter engine called Mazda RX-7 has been the enthusiasts’ favorite. The main-bearing is housed in a simple and machined circular housing. The propeller-boss is also attached to the face of its re-machined crank.

Also, its engine is limited to (maximum) 60hp at 4000 rpm. This gyrocopter engine is fitted with a cockpit-controlled variable-pitch prop or fixed-pitch prop, which makes a carbon-fiber aerate. The highly regarded performance of a gyrocopter engine necessitates one lb. of static-thrust for each two lbs. of gross weight, so that the 520 lbs gross gyrocopter looks practicable. The small 4-stroke and chain-saw engine using a hand-pull recoil-starter, which could substitute its heavy starter-motor, as well as pre-spin its rotors. A lighter and smaller alternator and battery could be used. Enthusiasts’ prefer this single-rotor gyrocopter engine above the rest because it is fitted with the 2-blade in-flight adaptable propeller.

Step 2 – Test the Gyrocopter Engine

Before the final picking of the right gyrocopter engine for you, test the prospected gyrocopter unit. The basic gyrocopter engine has fuel-pump, oil-pump, water-pump, ignition, Posa 32mm Super-carby, engine mounts as well as prop-flange with 110 lbs., so you need to check it prior to the final selection. Typically, a gyrocopter engine includes an alternator, starter, 9"x14"engine coolant radiator, and 7"x 8" oil cooler.

Step 3 - Choose

Once you already have your final gyrocopter engine choice, try to deal it out with popular brand dealers near your area. Be sure to exert your best efforts in availing any discount or promotions in order to acquire the right gyrocopter engine that suits your needs. Also, if possible, ask for your friend’s opinion prior buying or closing the deal with the engine dealer. Be sure that you know ample information regarding the functions, ins and outs, as well as the proper care and maintenance of the aircraft’s engine. Finally, if everything is already settled you can now pick the right gyrocopter engine to suit your needs and enjoy the flying.