How to Pinch Mums to Add Growth and Texture

What You'll Need

Mums are a fantastic plant which can make themselves at home in your house or even in your garden. They are a versatile flower which can bring extra color and brightness into any room in your house. As soon as you start growing any mums you will fall in love with them and instantly want to grow more.

If you do enjoy growing mums it's important that you spend time pinching and pruning the plants so that you can keep the plant small while increasing the number of flowers. It's important to know how to prune mums if you want to grow them yourself.

Step 1 - Decide on a Schedule

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the schedule for pruning the mums. You will need to pinch the mums out more than once a season. However, you need to decide on the first time that you pinch out the mums. The first time you do this should be early in the spring period. It depends on the region of the world you live in, so you do need to consider your zone before deciding when to pinch out your mums.

Step 2 - Monitoring

After pruning the mums in the spring you need to keep an eye on them for the next week, this will make it possible to pinch out any buds in time. You need to wait until you see new shoots; when these grow to about 4 inches long they can be removed.

Keep an eye on the plants so that you will be able to spot any new growth as, and when, it appears. This will make it much easier to pinch out the growth when needed. It will be much easier to pinch out the mums if you catch the new growth early.

Step 3 - Shaping

By pinching the mums correctly you will be able to shape the plant and keep it compact. It will also increase the number of buds that appear on your plant. To pinch them you just need to remove the first 2 inches of any new growth by holding it in your fingers and then pinching it with your nail. It's best if you do this just below a pair of leaves however this isn't essential. After a while new growth will appear at this point.

Pinching out the mums will create a much healthier and stronger plant which has many more flowers appearing on it.

Step 4 - Repeating

Every month or so you will need to repeat pinching and shaping the plants. Any time that you notice over 3 inches of new growth they will need to be pinched out to encourage more buds and to keep the compact shape.

Step 5 - When to Stop

You will need to know when you need to stop pinching out the mums. This can make your plant thicker, however, if you never stop then it can harm your plant.