How to Place a Solid Surface Shower Pan

What You'll Need
Latex additive
Shower pan
Deck mud

A solid surface shower pan is a worthwhile investment, especially one made from quality materials. Quite often, the cost associated with the labor of replacing a damaged or worn shower pan can exceed the cost of buying a new one. To do the project yourself, you'll need the proper supplies. Follow these steps.


Create the floor by placing a .75-inch piece of plywood over the top of 2x10-inch joists. Cover the plywood floor with a slip sheet and hold it in place with wire mesh. Staple both materials to the plywood.

Bottom Flange and Clamp Drain Assembly

Assemble the bottom flange of the clamping drain. Pour a latex additive into a wheelbarrow and mix it thoroughly.

Shower Pan

Place the shower pan liner directly over the mortar bed and fold any excess at each corner of the pan. Staple the highest section of the liner securely.

Deck Mud

Fill the area with deck mud and pack it with a trowel. Ensure that the drain and weep holes are clear. Doing so prevents having to do the job over again.

Taking the time to do the job correctly the first time around can save a lot of time and money.