How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Part 1 How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Part 1

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Paper and pencil
Stud detector

Installing a new kitchen can be greatly satisfying, but it will also require a significant amount of work which needs to begin with a plan for your kitchen remodel. By following the correct procedure to undertake the task, you will find that it can be a rather straightforward process.

Step 1 – Assess Room

The first step required when needing to plan a kitchen remodel is to consider the room itself. If there is a kitchen suite already in place, determine whether you want to undertake a straight replacement or whether you want to rearrange the components. Think about the amount of storage that the current kitchen enjoys and whether this is sufficient for your purposes. Think about whether the appliances are in a convenient location.  

Step 2 – Adjustments

Determining what you want from the kitchen will help you to determine whether you will need to increase the size of the room as part of the plan of a kitchen remodel. Inspect the relevant walls to check whether they are load-bearing, as there are specific work processes that will be required to take care of this if you still want to remove the walls. If you require more countertop space than was previously provided, make any adjustments to allow for this.      

Step 3 – Plan Layout      

It will be necessary to draw a diagram as part of the plan of a kitchen remodel to use as a guide to plot where all the components will be positioned. The easiest way to achieve this is as a bird’s eye view of the room. Measure the dimensions of the room and use a corresponding scale, such as one foot to one inch, to create a sketch.

All the appliances and furnishings that you need as part of the kitchen should be outlined on the drawing of the kitchen to show where they will go. As part of this step, you must research the available options for cabinets. Bear in mind the size ad style required to make the kitchen more convenient and make use of any equipment that will enable you to maximize space.          

Step 4 – Arrange Removal and Delivery

The plan of a kitchen remodel must include the removal of existing furniture and appliances. It is prudent that this be arranged in the first instance to leave enough space for new items to take their place. If you are obtaining new appliances, find out whether the retailer will take away the old items on your behalf when they undertake delivery. Organize a way to discard the old kitchen in a manner that will not harm the environment. If your local waste disposal uthority has a collection service, arrange this beforehand.             

Step 5 – Incidentals  

Decide on the color scheme that you intend to use in your kitchen and ensure it matches the countertop and cabinet surfaces. Estimate how long each individual task will take so that you can get an idea of how long the kitchen will be out of commission.

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