How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Part 2 How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Part 2

What You'll Need
Voltage detector
Tape measure
Notepad and pencil

Although the need to plan a kitchen remodel can seem to be mainly about cosmetics, you will also need to take utilities and water supplies into account when drawing up a design for your kitchen. With some investigation and planning, you can ensure that your kitchen will be sufficiently served.

Step 1 – Assess Existing Utilities

Begin the plan for the kitchen remodel process by making a note of the utilities that serve the existing kitchen. Think about how you intend to use the kitchen and whether the existing utilities are sufficient for your purposes or whether others need to be added. Do not overlook ancillary items that are used in the kitchen, such as the heating system or a ceiling fan. Determine whether leaving these in place are appropriate or whether work needs to be done in order to adjust or replace them.    

Step 2 – Sketch Diagram  

To help you determine what utilities you require and whether the access points will be, it is prudent to draw up a sketch as part of the plan for the kitchen remodel. Begin by measuring the dimensions of the room so that you can draw it to scale. Mark the position of the existing access points for all the utilities.

Also use the sketch plan to plot where you intend to place the appliances to determine whether any additional work will be required to connect them to the power source. If additional electrical outlets are necessary, this should be undertaken by a professional to ensure that it is safe.

Think about all the countertop appliances that you use to help you decide how many outlets will be convenient. Use a voltage detector to locate existing wires and knock on the wall to determine whether it is hollow. Where electrical wires exist and the wall is not a load-bearing one, it should be relatively easy to install additional electrical sockets.    

Step 3 – Additional Utilities

If your kitchen is not served by a particular utility, such as gas, and you require this as part of the refurbishment, the plan for the kitchen remodel must include this installation. It is the type of process that will need to be undertaken by a professional so that you can guarantee that it is safe. It is best that this work is done prior to any appliances being positioned or any cabinets being assembled. This will make the installation of utilities easier as there will be a sufficient amount of space for the installer to work.    

Step 4 – Prepare

To plan a kitchen remodel will require you to locate the mains for the water, gas and electricity supplies that serve the kitchen. The stopcock for the water supply may be located outside the property. All of them will need to be turned off before the work in the kitchen can take place. Obtain a cover for the kitchen drain so that it does not remain exposed while other construction work is being undertaken.

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