How to Plan a Large Dog House

What You'll Need
Paper (graph paper)
Measuring Tape or Yard Stick/Ruler

Large dog house is a great structure to build. This is a project that can be completed easily over a weekend. It is not a bad idea to write out or draw up plans before building such a project. This can be sketched out with pencil and graph paper. In your plans, be sure there is enough room in the house for your dog or dogs to turn around in comfortably. The items needed to plan this project are listed below.

Step 1 – Sizing up the Large Dog House

The first thing that needs to be done is deciding how large you want the dog house to be. This will depend on the size of the dog. The length of the doghouse needs to be at least one and a half times the body length of the dog. The width needs to be two thirds to three fourths of the body length. When considering the height of the large dog house, consider 25% or 35% taller than the dog. Dogs like to live in close quarters, so make the size is cozy for the dog and yet gives him enough room to turn around in.

Step 2 – Picking the Roof Shape

The shape of the roof will need to be decided. A flat roof will hold water and in the long run, this may not be good at all. A slanted or pitched roof is better for rainy weather conditions and will not hold water. If you live in a bad weather area, it is probably best to get real roof shingles instead of tin or siding.

Step 3 – The Door Opening

In the drawing plans, make the door a few inches wider than the dog. It is not to be made too big or too small. A door opening that is too small obviously will not be comfortable enough for the dog to enter and exit. A door opening that is too large will let bad or wet weather conditions in the dog house. It is also best to place the door not in the center of the dog house, but possibly near a corner to keep out a direct weather draft. 

Step 4 – Planning the Walls

Start the walls with two by four box frames. The walls will need to be the same width as the foundation. When the four walls of the large dog house are up, a two by four will need to be attached across the front of the house at the top of the two wall frames on the side. This will be a brace that holds the walls together. Insulation is an option for colder climates especially under the flooring of the dog house. The walls and ceiling may need to be considered as well.

Step 5 – Completing the Large Dog House

Cover the wall frames with plywood using screws. The plywood for the front can be cut and measured. The door opening can be marked and cut. Attach the door opening to the frame. Add and paint the siding. Use a thick all weather paint for the roof.