How to Plan Extensions for Garden Rooms How to Plan Extensions for Garden Rooms

What You'll Need
Existing home plans
Garden room plans
Lighting catalogs
Garden furniture catalogs
Plant and seed catalogs

Garden rooms provide a home with an outdoor feeling, indoors. Adding a garden room to an existing house provides you with both a home expansion and a new area for your flowers or herbs. Many garden room extensions require a great deal of planning. The assistance of a professional architect and a contractor will also be necessary. With the right plans and the right help, your garden room extension can be completed quickly and cost effectively.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Garden Room Extension Plans

Decide on your plans for a new garden room extension. Be sure you also plan out the budget and time required to complete the room. Keep in mind that most quotes given to you on the time and budget required run over. Add at least 50 percent to the quote you are given.

Step 2 – Planning Garden Room Window Features

When planning your garden room, be sure to include as many windows as possible that face south. Window facing south provide more light to plants during winter months. These windows will also provide a great deal of solar light and heat, which will lower energy costs for the new extension. Choose windows that can open and close. Be sure to have some type of blind installed on the windows, to lower heat and light levels in the summer months.

Step 3 – Planning Garden Room Skylight Features

Where possible, have skylights installed in your new garden room. Be sure the light is installed properly, to prevent any leakage in your new room. Skylights provide you with more plant placement options within the garden room space.

Step 4 – Planning the Garden Room Furniture

The addition of a lounge chair will provide you with a place to enjoy the garden space. The placement of a small table near the lounger provides an area for keeping reading materials and beverages. These pieces make the garden room extension a place to rest and relax.

Step 5 – Planning the Garden Room Plant Life

The plants that you select for your new garden room extension will depend on a variety of factors, including the light in the room, the available floor space, the local climate and your choices for decorative and functional plant life.

Step 6 – Planning the Garden Room Extension Construction

With the plans and architectural designs determined, you need to apply for all of the necessary permits. Visit your local government office and speak with a building inspector about your extension plans. Discuss the necessary permits that need to be issued for the construction to begin. Be sure that the architect and contractor you are using provide you with written contracts outlining the budget and time frames for the project. If possible, try and plan out the construction so that you can remain in your home while the work is being done.

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