How to Plan for Your Patio Roof Addition

There are many factors to consider when it comes to making a roof addition. Read on to learn some of the things you must think about as you plan this project.

Building on an Existing Deck

If you choose to build a roof addition on an existing deck, you may want to utilize patio roofing made out of aluminum sheeting and struts. And if so, this method will be lighter and easier to put up than, say, a roof addition comprised of wood and covered with plywood, in addition to 30 lbs. of felt and shingles. It will cost you less, too.

Choosing Materials

Sure, you can build your roof addition with such materials as stainless steel, steel, copper alloys, and copper, but all of these materials are heavier, as well as more expensive, than aluminum sheeting. But no matter what you decide to build with you need to be sure the structure you construct, as well as its walls, can hold up the weight. Therefore, always decide on patio roofing material prior to constructing the walls.


You might also want to look into building this roof addition with fiberglass panels, which are now on the market for patio roofing. You can purchase translucent sheets, which have the added benefit of allowing natural light filter into your patio area, yet all the while retaining privacy. Another benefit is that, by letting in more light, you will likely save money on electrical expenses.

Solar Panels

As with fiberglass, solar panels will likely trim the electricity expense for you patio. And while we’re on the subject, solar panels can save energy money for your entire home, too. If you patio is situated for the correct solar exposure during a significant part of daylight hours, these solar panels can hold solar energy to be used in your patio or home. 

Each solar panel stores enough energy every day to power your typical light bulb for one full day, on the average. Just do the math, and you can well imagine that the more solar panels that are a part of your patio roof, the more stored solar energy you will attain. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to meet with a solar energy expert in your region to figure out if it will be feasible for you to save enough power with this patio roofing to make up for the upfront expense of installing solar panels.


Whether your patio roof is made of metal or wood or even open, it will require roof vents. These additions boost air circulation all year round. You’ll also reduce the accumulation of moisture at the roof’s crown during hot months, as well as increase warmth during the colder winter months.

Obviously, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to adding a patio roof. But if you think it out first, you significantly raise your chances of creating a satisfactory home addition.