How to Plan for Your Shed Roof Addition

A shed roof addition is a big building project and you will need to plan for it properly. There will be many factors that you need to consider that will all affect each other at a later stage. Planning correctly will make sure that you do not overspend on your budget or waste money on things you do not really need. Here are a few things you can consider:

Roof Type

There are many different roof types that you can consider, each with a unique set of benefits. The two that you should spend serious time considering are a flat roof and a hip roof. A flat roof will be the most cost effective. However, it does not have a slope to drain the water from the middle of the roof. A hip roof has a ridge along the center, with two sides that slope down. Hip roofs are popular because they can be used over many different floor plans and house types.


You will need to estimate the supply materials you need for your project. You will need to the quantity for each. It is important to have supplies to complete the job or you will be left with a half built shed roof addition. Keep detailed notes of the materials you will need at all times. This will allow you to rearrange and change the list as you factor in other aspects that relate to the shed roof addition.

Also, be sure to budget for your furniture and other things you will need for your roof addition. For example, if you will use planters, tables or chairs.


Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Split the budget up into different areas and focus on purchasing the materials for construction. Writing a budget for yourself means that you don't let the costs of the shed roof addition spiral out of control. Remember that you can always tweak the budget and make changes. The type of wood could be changed, allowing you to spend funds to spend on manual labor.


You should focus on the design of your shed roof addition. Work out the function for the extra space and base things around that. If you design for extra working or study space, you will need a strong roof which will keep water out. If you just want some extra storage space, you can save money using a basic structure and some simple materials. Your roof addition should also take into consideration a railing.

Things to Avoid

There are many common mistakes you can avoid. These will save you a great deal of time and money. Remember that you cannot build directly onto the top of a roof. The structure needs extra foundation because it will be too weak to support extra weight. You can hire a contractor to build the foundation for the appropriate amount of support. They will also coordinate the flooring you choose. You can choose from hardwood decks to grass and other eco-friendly options.