How to Plant a Crabapple Tree

The flowering crabapple tree bears ornamental fruit. In late April to mid-May pretty flowers bloom. The fruit appears in summer and fall. You can eat crabapples although they are sour. Whether you chose to plant a weeping, spreading, columnar, vase-shaped or pyramidal crabapple tree it is a beautiful addition to your landscape. 

Step 1-When to Plant a Crabapple Tree

Plant crabapple trees in the spring after danger of frost is passed and into fall before the first frost of the season. 

Step 2-Choosing the Right Location for a Crabapple Tree

A crabapple tree likes acidic loamy soil because it is good for water drainage. The pH level of the soil should be 5.0 to 6.5. Direct sunlight is  important for the healthy growth of the crabapple tree. It needs at least 8 hours of sun a day. 

Step 3-Preparing the Hole for the Crabapple Tree

Dig a hole the same size as the root ball and 4 times as wide. 

Step 4- Remove Crabapple Tree from Container

To remove the tree from a container put it on its side and gently slide the tree out. Slice 1-inch cuts 3 times around the root mass from the top to the bottom. 

Step 5-Planting the Crabapple Tree

Fill the bottom of hole with soil. Place the flowering crabapple tree in the center of the hole and fill in half way with a combination of soil and peat moss or compost. Water the hole and wait for it to be absorbed into the soil. Continue filling the hole with the remaining soil mixture and water the ground. 

Step 6-Mulch for the Flowering Crabapple Tree

Spread a 2 to 4-inch layer of mulch around the base of the tree. Be careful the mulch does not come in direct contact with the tree bark.