How to Plant a Young Elm Tree

The elm tree is among the most popular species of shade tree in America. After acquiring a young elm tree from a nursery, here's how to successfully plant it in your yard.

Step 1: Choose Your Location


Identify an appropriate area in your yard to plant the elm. Since it's likely a very young tree, you should plant it in an area which receives full to partial shade.

Step 2: Dig the Hole

Dig a large hole where you wish to plant the tree. It should be about 3 inches deeper than the pot in which the seedling was purchased. Cover the bottom inch of the hole with a layer of gravel to aid in drainage. Younger elm trees benefit from well drained soil.

Step 3: Plant the Elm Tree

Remove the tree from its container and break apart the root ball with your hands, so the roots are spread out and not compacted. Place the tree in the hole and fill the remaining space with soil. Water the tree and continue giving it supplementary water weekly for the next year.