How to Plant and Grow Coffee Beans

What You'll Need
Coffee beans
Deep pot
Sand or soil
Plastic covering

Planting and growing coffee beans may be a task that few people consider to do, even those who have previous gardening and planting experience. However, planting coffee beans can be a challenging and rewarding alternative to growing flowers and vegetables. A good idea is to start off by planting coffee beans indoors on a small scale.

Step 1 - Purchase the Seeds and Pre-Germinate Them

Purchase the coffee beans from a supplier or order online. There is quite a large variety available, so you may wish to experiment by trying out more than one type to see which type you manage to grow best at the end. Usually, the beans are greenish in color.

Start off by filling a container with water. Soak the beans in water for about 24 hours in order to pre-germinate them and enable them to grow better and faster.

Step 2 - Place the Sand or High Quality Soil

Next, fill your pot or planter with sand. The container must have holes in its bottom from where the excess water will be able to flow out. Usually a deep terracotta pot is best.

Step 3 - Plant the Coffee Beans

Plant the coffee beans in the sand or soil. To enable them to grow well, make sure to cover them with the sand or soil until they are not visible. A good tip is to select those beans that have developed a small white bump after the pre-germination process as these are the ones most likely to grow well.  

Step 4 - Water the Beans

For the coffee beans to grow well, make sure to water them on a regular basis, ideally twice a day. You must have a lot of patience and strictly adhere to watering them for the prescribed time period, which is on average 2 or 3 months. It is crucial to keep the soil moist at all times to ensure good results.

Step 5 - Cover the Pot and Expose to Sufficient Light

It is also suggested to cover the pot with a clear top, such as clear plastic, and to place it in a place where bright light can reach it, but without being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time every day. The coffee beans need UV light to grow, but too much can harm them, so you need to try to strike a good balance. If you live in an area which does often have sunny days, you may need to use a grow light to enable the plant to receive enough UV rays.

Step 6 - Further Growing Needs

Once the growing process gets well under way, you may need to replant in larger containers. Be very careful when removing and transplanting sprouts. You may also consider adding fertilizer it for more productive results.