How to Plant Hosta Seeds

green hasta leaves in a flower garden
What You'll Need
Plastic container
Potting soil
Spray bottle

It's easy to grow your own plants from hosta seeds. Hosta plants are durable and very easy to maintain, making them a popular plant among gardeners. These plants grow well between June and October, but you can start them as seeds inside your home much earlier. These plants love morning sun and prefer to sit in the shade in the afternoon. You can purchase a wide variety of different hosta seeds from a garden store.

Step 1 - Plant the Seeds

Take a plastic container and fill it with moist potting soil. Pick up a handful of seeds and scatter them in the container, about half an inch deep. Put the plastic container on a windowsill or in a location in your home that receives a lot of sunshine.

Step 2 - Care for the Seeds

Keep the soil very moist, but not soaked, throughout the growing process. It's important that while the seeds are germinating, they receive enough water.

It takes about two weeks for the seeds to germinate. When leaves start growing through the soil, mist the leaves with a spray bottle filled with water.

When the seedlings start to grow about two or three leaves each, remove any plants that are poorly developed, leaving the healthy ones in the soil.

Step 3 - Transplant the Seedlings

Take the healthy plants once they reach a good size and put them in individual pots. Make sure the pots contain moist potting soil.

After the seedlings have been transplanted to individual pots, water the plants by misting them as before.

Let the plants grow until they are about 4 or 6 inches tall.

Once the plants are big enough, transplant them outside in soil that has been drained. Well-drained soil is important when you're watering the plants, remember to keep the soil moist but don't saturate it.