How to Plaster a Wall How to Plaster a Wall

What You'll Need
Gypsum or Lime
Mixing Board
Paint Brush
Mixer Drill
Brush or Rag

It is not hard to learn how to plaster a wall. Although it is not a very easy task to do, it is pretty simple provided you learn how to mix the chemicals well. There are three coats that need to be applied on the wall to ensure a smooth finish – the base coating, the brown coating and the final coating. The base coating starts with rough or coarse material and is usually a mixture of fiber, aggregate (sand), lime or gypsum, and water. If the work is not done properly, the output will be a bit messy so make sure you apply the plaster on the wall carefully and steadily. Here are instructions on how to plaster a wall.

Step 1 – Preparation

The plastering work can be a bit messy so wear old working clothes. Before proceeding with the plastering work, clean the surfaces of the wall or walls to be plastered using a brush or a rag. If the wall is made of concrete, it is possible to wash it with water if necessary. If the wall is made of drywall or other types of wall boards, make sure that the surfaces are taped and mudded.

Step 2 – Mixing the Plaster

Now start with the mixing process. Prepare a bucket with enough water for the plaster materials. Follow the measurements set by the manufacturer for guidance. Mix the aggregate or the fiber in the water. Use the trowel to add plaster to the mixture slowly. Mix the water and plaster in the bucket using a mixer drill. Mix until all lumps are gone. 

Step 3 – Applying the Base Coating

Place a good amount of plaster mixture on the trowel and apply it to the surface of the wall evenly at an approximately 3/8-inch thickness. Determine whether to start from the top to bottom or from left to right. Just make sure to apply the coating evenly and uniformly on the surfaces. Allow the coating to dry.

Step 4 – Applying the Brown Coating

Mix plaster and water in the bucket once again for the second coating and add sand as well as per manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the second coating directly over the first coating. It is important to apply the coating with approximately 3/8-inch thickness. Allow to dry.

Step 5 – Applying the Last Coating

Lime putty will be used for the final coating. Prepare the lime coating in the bucket by adding lime or gypsum in water as per manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that the coating is spread evenly over the second coating. Apply a uniform thickness of approximately 3/8-inch as well. Check if all surfaces are coated and allow the coating to dry.


If the wall is made of concrete, wet the surface a little to ensure that the plaster sticks properly.

Cover the edges of the floor with newspaper to protect it from splatters.

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