How to Play Songs Wirelessly through a Home Theater System

There is nothing like a home theater system to get the sounds of your favorite tunes into your life. Wireless home systems are perfect when you want to fill your house with beautiful music because they accomplish this without a bunch of unsightly wires hanging around. By using your wireless network or stereo system, or a Bluetooth option you can play your wireless devices through your sound system whether the device is a computer with wireless ability or Bluetooth, an iPod, or an iPhone.

Bluetooth Option

By using Bluetooth that comes inherent in Apple devices and as a USB option on many laptops the audio can be sent to a similar device that is connected to the sound system in your home. By using the exact same technology that enables a wireless keyboard or a Bluetooth headset the signal can be picked up by the receiver on the sound system and played through your surround sound speakers. The quality is extremely good and you won't know that you are hearing your sound originating through your iPod. It is literally as easy as telling your iPod to find the Bluetooth on the sound system. Bluetooth is a good option for many different audio player devices. 

Wireless Option

There are options available that use actual Wi-Fi to connect the audio devices to the output devices. There are many options available, some use a home computer wireless network in order to transfer the signal and then there are proprietary and dedicated systems that are point to point connections. Of course with a wireless iPod or iPhone you have the same ability to connect through the WiFi system in order to receive the signal and send the songs out the speakers. Many of these Wi-Fi systems are as easy as plug and play, nothing to it, they radio frequencies are all setup to speak directly to each other on their own channel reducing interference from other devices or wireless systems that may be in the airwaves. Some wireless solutions are limited, though, to where they only transmit from a specific computer and no auxiliary devices to the receiver.

Total Solution

It depends on your desires and your current sound system but you have options beyond the wireless and Bluetooth mentioned above. You can already have a wireless speaker system where your remote speakers use wireless technology in order to receive a signal from a transmitter emanating from the base unit. You can get an iPod dock and hook it up to your sound system and then send the signal through the sound system itself to the wireless speakers that are across the room or the house.

Any of these solutions are viable and doable with very little effort. It is great to know that you don't have to have your system all plugged in and wires showing all across your home. Wires are so 1970's after all! It's the new millennium after all and everything, including our sound systems, our technology, and our progress should grow with each year.