How to Plumb a Garbage Disposal

What You'll Need
Measure tape
Permanent Markers
Cutter to cut the PVC pipe
Slip joint pipe (used in double bowl sink only)
Wrenched Pipe
Tee-main fitting (used in double bowl sink only)
Screw driver

The plumbing of garbage disposal is nothing but the assembly of the piping of the under sink through a slip joint connection. These kinds of connections are the type of connection whose ends are threaded and raw on opposite ends. Check to see if you have a single bowl sink or double bowl sink since the type of slip joint required will depend on the installation type.

Step 1: Turn the Garbage Disposal

One needs to turn the garbage disposal in such a manner that the discharge’s open end is turned towards the under sink plumbing. This is the step need to be done only for the double bowl sink. If one trying to install in the single bowl they can directly proceed to step 3.

Step 2:  Measure

Using the measuring tape, one needs to measure the length from the discharge opening to the tube that is coming down from the sink bowl and face towards the garbage disposal. Please note that this step is needed only for the double bowl installation. Using the measured length mark the same measurement on the pipe using a marker and cut the slip joint pipe using the cutter at this length. After cutting, use a knife to smooth the edges of the pipe from the burr that was left after it was cut.

Step 3: Disconnect Plumbing  

In this step one need to disconnect the plumbing on the sink bottom by loosening the slip joint with the wrenched pipe. After loosening one need to remove the pipe and put them aside.

Step 4: Remove Cover Plate  

In this step one needs to remove the cover plate of the discharge from garbage disposal. After that one need to slide the cover plate above the raw end of the discharge pipe enclosed for the single sink installation whereas for the double sink installation one needs to use the raw end of the slip joint pipe that one trimmed in the Step 2.

Step 5: Piping Work

In this step, one needs to slide the nut and the slip washer in to the raw end of the discharge pipe. Now slide the raw end of the discharge pipe in to the trap or in to tee-main fitting for the double bowl installation. Now line up the holes in the discharge plate and the holes on mounting in the garbage disposal. Screw on with screws and seal it using the screwdriver. For the dual sink one need to attach the down tube from the sink to the tee-main fitting 

Step 6: Tighten Down to Secure

One needs to secure the connections by making sure that the slip nuts are tight. After that one can turn on the tap to inspect for the leakages in the installation.