How to Plunge a Toilet Bowl How to Plunge a Toilet Bowl

Having to plunge a toilet bowl is common, but not everyone knows how to plunge in the most effective way. Use the steps below for a more successful plunging of your toilet

Use the Right Plunger

A common mistake we often make in plunging a toilet is to use the wrong type of plunger. A real toilet plunger, one with the collar extension, is the most effective type of plunger. The sink plunger (without the collar extensions) is more commonly used, but is not as effective.

Plunging Action

First, be sure there is enough water in the toilet bowl to create a vacuum when you use the plunger. Insert the collar extension into the toilet bottom where the water leaves the bowl, push the extension gently downward for one or two seconds, then pull up on the plunger handle. Increase the frequency of your push-pull action, stopping momentarily to see if the water is draining freely.

Once the water seems to be draining freely from the toilet bowl, flush the toilet and observe how fast the water drains. If it drains slowly, continue plunging.

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