How to Polish a Crankshaft

What You'll Need
200 grade sand paper

Knowing how to polish a crankshaft can improve engine performance. Just be careful not to go overboard as you will interfere with the ability of the crankshaft to interact with the journal. If that happens, the crankshaft will skip and you will be in trouble.

Step 1 – Pull The Crankshaft

Remove the crankshaft in order to get at the grooves in the head. Measure the grooves in the head in order to get the right size sand paper. Cut the sandpaper in order to fit it into the grooves of the head of the crankshaft.

Step 2 – Tie It Up And Sand It Down

Tie the shoelace around the head so that it weaves back and forth over the head. Once every groove is covered, give the shoelace a tug in opposite directions. As you get further, you will notice it is easier to pull the shoelace from side to side. As soon as it feels there is not much of any resistance, give the head a look. If it looks the way you want it to, you are done.

Step 3 – Measure And Reinstall

The crankshaft is one spot where car detail is very important. If your measurements are off even a little, it can cause the engine to ride wrong. Measure the head in order to make sure it is right before reinstalling. If it is off, you will have to buy a new crankshaft as you ground the head too much.