How to Polish a Harp

A harp is a unique instrument that requires special care. Below are the steps needed to keep your harp in tip-top shape.

Tools and Materials Needed

Soft cotton polishing cloth

Soft brush



Step One - Clean the Strings

Never use anything but a soft cloth made of cotton when cleaning the strings of your harp. Using this type of cloth will remove dirt as well as any oil that accumulates from your hands. Always start at the top and clean downward. Never reuse the cloth once you are done cleaning the strings. Always use a fresh cloth for each cleaning.

Step Two - Brush Around Hard-to-Dust Areas

Use a soft brush to dust areas, such as the nuts and tuning pegs. Carry a brush with you to dust these areas each time you play the instrument.

Step Three - Polish the Harp About Four Times a Year

Apply polish, again using a soft cotton cloth. Apply the formula directly to the cloth first. Polish the wood until it gleams.

Step Four - Use Wax on the Harp Once a Year

Wax the harp once a year to keep it looking its best. Check for any scratches and use a touch-up pen to cover any marks.

Harp polish, wax and touch-up pens are sold at retailers that sell harps.