How to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink How to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink

You polish your silver and your appliances, but do you know how to polish your stainless steel sink? Chances are, someone has already used scouring powder or steel wool to clean your stainless steel sink, which is a bad idea. Both will scratch stainless steel, so stop using them or don't start. But even if the sink is scratched, using a few natural cleaners can still restore a shine and remove streaks your sink may have.

Things To Polish Your Sink With

  • Club Soda is a great way to remove streaks and stains from your sink. Simply rub your sink down with a rag dampened with the soda.
  • Olive Oil, already available in most kitchens, is another way to remove streaks and add a soft, natural shine to stainless steel.
  • Vinegar makes an inexpensive cleaner, polisher and disinfectant. Use either apple cider vinegar or undiluted white vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe clean.
  • If you have stubborn stains or an older, darker stainless steel sink that needs more than just a good wipe, add a little baking soda to a cloth or sponge and rub. Rinse and polish with a cloth dampened with vinegar or ammonia.

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