How to Polish a Watch Band

Polishing a watch is easy with the right instruction, and makes your timepiece look much more attractive. Take out your watch band and follow these few simple directions.

Removing General Buildup

To remove general buildup from a watch band, clean it with a wet cloth about once a week and let it air dry.

For More Thorough Cleaning

Disconnect the watch from the leather band by taking apart watch pins to get the unit ready for a deeper cleaning. Tough stains, as in odors and dirt, can be taken care of with 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and equal measures of water. First, scrub this paste on every side of the band and let it dry for 60 minutes. Then, remove the pasty baking soda and make sure the unit dries out overnight before reconnecting it back together. Once it dries, work saddle soap into the band, rubbing it into the leather. Remove all excess soap. Alternately, you can also put a couple olive oil drops on it and rub this into the leather, if you cannot find saddle soap. Lastly, polish it off with a dry, clean, and lint-less cloth. Once the band is completely dry, reattach the watch to the band, and you’re ready to go.