How to Polish Brushed Aluminum

To maintain the quality of your brushed aluminum items, you need to know the proper ways of polishing it. Read on to learn the best way to keep your brushed aluminum cookware, furniture or other items looking clean and new.

Tools and Materials for Polishing

Make sure that you use the appropriate materials in polishing your gadgets made of aluminum so that you do not damage the surface. Use non-scratch cleaning pads or a soft, clean cloth to first remove dirt and dust. Use masking tapes to cover areas you will spare.

Apply a cream metal polish with a sponge. Follow with a buffing pad, or spray the aluminum using a household cleaner and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Time Consumption

Make sure to give each component adequate time and attention. Remember to clean all sides of the material as well as any crevices or corners, especially where metal has been soldered or welded.