How to Polish Chrome

A shiny, clean car.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Baking soda
Mutton cloth

If you enjoy detailing your own car or motorcycle, chances are you're always looking for the best and easiest way to polish chrome. The longer chrome is dirty, the harder it is to clean and the more likely you are to scratch or chip it. As soon as you see chrome beginning to dull, spot or look dirty, clean it.

How to Polish Chrome

While there are dozens of expensive products for cleaning and polishing chrome, the truth is that you probably already have all the materials you need in your kitchen cabinets. Begin cleaning with good old warm soapy water as soon as you see the chrome starting to dull. If soap and water doesn't clean as well as you'd like, get out a clean soft rag and a bottle of white distilled vinegar. If you still need more cleaning power, add a little baking soda to a vinegar-dampened rag. Frequently move to a clean section of rag.

If you find rust spots on your chrome, dip a balled up piece of aluminum foil in vinegar or Coca-Cola. Reapply as necessary to lightly polish out the rust. Dip often and keep the area damp.

Protect Your Clean Chrome

Once you've cleaned your chrome, protect it. Apply 2 layers of any carnuba car wax to the chrome with a clean, soft rag and polish. If you need to know how to polish plastic chrome to a buff, follow our guide here.