How to Polish Diamond Plate Steel

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-20
What You'll Need
Phosphoric acid
Nylon scrubbing pads
Metal polish
Latex gloves
Eye protection

Learning how to polish diamond plate steel requires some knowledge about the surface and the best way to keep it clean. Diamond plate surfaces are made from steel or aluminum and have raised, diamond-shaped treads on the surface. These surfaces are found on a truck’s running board and toolboxes and usually come unfinished.

Materials Needed to Polish Diamond Plate

To polish the diamond plate surface, begin by hosing the surface off with water. This is done to remove any debris or dirt that may accumulate. The surface should be permitted to dry before you begin working on it. Phosphoric acid, nylon scrubbing pads, and metal polish should be used to polish the diamond plate. These products can be purchased from your local auto parts or auto supply store. You want to purchase a lot of nylon scrubbing pads, based on the size of the surface being polished because you should expect to go through quite a few of them.

Wear Safety Equipment and Apply Compound and Polish

Wear latex gloves and protective eyewear when working with the phosphoric acid compound. Work the compound into the diamond-shaped treads until the residue dries. It will appear white but that is ok because the metal polish will finish off the look. Spray with water and dry with towels before applying the metal polish. Wipe the polish with a soft cloth after application and you are done.