How to Polish Emeralds

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What You'll Need
Mild cleaning liquid
Fresh, clean water
Small bucket
Clean, cotton cloth

Emeralds are beautiful gemstones, and with appropriate care, they'll stay perpetually gorgeous. Emeralds vary in shades of green from dark to light, and their individual size and clarity also differ. A beautifully kept emerald can be a focal point of your attire, which is why polishing is so important.

Step 1 - Have it Checked by a Jewelry Expert

Have a jewelry expert check your emeralds to make sure they are secure in their settings and there is no danger of them falling off when polishing. The jeweler will also be able to tell you if your stone has been ‘oiled’—a process that gives the stone extra brilliance but also requires more care.

Step 2 - Clean Your Emeralds Carefully

Refrain from using a commercial jewelry cleaning polish, which might scratch or damage your stone.

Use a mild cleaning liquid in a bucket of water and gently soak your emeralds in it.

After five minutes, remove and, with a soft bristle paintbrush, clean the corners and edges well.

Dip in a bucket of clean water and pat dry with a cotton cloth.

Step 3 - Additional Considerations

Emeralds are softer stones than either rubies or diamonds. They can scratch very easily. Wear them with care and when storing them, keep them separate from the hard stones in a soft jewelry bag.