How to Polish Marble Kitchen Countertops How to Polish Marble Kitchen Countertops

What You'll Need
Marble cleanser
Warm water
Soft cloth
Quartz-size spray bottle
Baking soda
White chalk, 2 pieces
Microfiber cloth

Marble kitchen countertops help to create a stylish and sophisticated décor. The attractive glass-like appearance of marble easily transforms even the most ordinary of kitchens. Marble is one of the most expensive natural stones for construction. Once installed, you want to be sure your countertop lasts a long time. This involves regular maintenance. In most cases, you can get your marble to look its best with simple household products. However, with time, marble countertops tend to become dull. To restore the clear sparkle, you need to polish your marble. This can be efficiently accomplished with the help of the guide below.

Step 1 – Clean with Detergent

Fill a bowl halfway with warm water. Add ½ a cup detergent into the water and mix. Wash your countertop with the soapy solution, with the help of a sponge. Use clean, cool water to clear away the soap. Dry the countertop with a soft cloth.

Step 2 – Use Baking Soda

Scoop 3 tablespoons of baking soda and place in a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with warm water and attach the lid. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Allow about 5 minutes for the baking soda to dissolve completely. Shake the bottle again before application. Spray the solution evenly onto the countertop. Allow the solution to sit on the countertop for about 3 hours. This helps to clear stubborn dirt. It also helps to restore the natural sparkle of marble. Use a sponge to rub away stubborn dirt. Spray more baking soda solution onto the countertop. Leave in place for another 30 minutes.

Step 3 – Rinse and Dry

Use cool, clear water to rinse your marble then dry with a soft cloth. Allow about 4 hours for the marble to air-dry.

Step 4 – Apply Chalk

Place 2 pieces of white chalk in a mortar. Grind the chalk into a fine powder with a pestle. Dampen a soft cloth with cool water. Dip the cloth into the powder. Use it to wipe down the marble with chalk powder with long, even strokes. Wipe back and forth. Overlap as you wipe to ensure that the countertop is thoroughly polished. Be sure to dip the cloth into cool water when it becomes dry. Allow the chalk to dry.

Step 5 – Rinse

Wet a sponge with cool, clear water. Rinse the marble with the sponge. Be sure to rinse the sponge as often as needed, to ensure that you clear all traces of chalk from the marble. Use a soft cloth to absorb the water.

Step 6 – Buffing

Use a microfiber cloth to buff the countertop in circles. Work slowly, from one end to the other. This should leave your countertop with a clean, clear surface and a sparkle.

Step 7 – Protective Measures

Avoid acidic cleaners and bleach as they can cause the marble to etch. Be careful when you purchase commercial polishes. Certain polishes work best with specific colors. Acrylic or polyurethane-based polishes aren’t ideal for marble. Blot spills immediately, especially those from acidic foods.

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