How to Polish Tempered Glass

stacks of blue tempered glass
What You'll Need
Dish soap
Spray bottle
Soft cloth
Glass-polish kit

Tempered glass is glass that has been processed by chemical or thermal treatments. These treatments make the glass stronger than normal glass. However, tempered glass can easily become cloudy or scratched, so you should polish it frequently.

Knowing What Not to Use

Never attempt to clean tempered glass with a buffer or sander because the glass will likely shatter. In addition, never use abrasive agents, like scouring pads or vinegar.

You can, however, use commercial glass cleaners on tempered glass without any issues. But, these store-bought products won’t give the glass a deep shine as the other methods you can find below.

Cleaning the Glass

To begin cleaning the tempered glass, mix a few squirts of dish soap with warm water in an empty spray bottle. Add more dish soap if your glass is extra dirty.

Then, spray the mixture liberally onto the glass. Allow the mixture to stand for about 15 minutes to loosen the grim. Wipe down the area with a damp sponge. Repeat this process, wringing out the sponge regularly.

Polishing the Tempered Glass

Before the glass is completely dry, buff the entire surface of the glass with a dry, soft cloth. Buffering the surface will make the tempered material shiny.

Making Scratches Less Visible

Just like other kinds of glass, tempered glass can get scratched. Regular polishing methods won’t get rid of scratches, but you can buy a glass-polishing kit to make even deep scratches less visible.

Using a Kit

Apply the solution in the kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This solution will relax the glass so that when you buff the glass with the provided buffer, the scratch will become less visible.

Finishing Up

Finish up by cleaning the tempered glass with the soap-and-water mixture, and then rub the glass down with a damp sponge. Polish the area again with a soft cloth.