How to Pour Concrete Cement to Build a Walkway How to Pour Concrete Cement to Build a Walkway

What You'll Need
Wood concrete edging material and brackets
Pre-mixed concrete or dry concrete
Mixing materials (water, bucket or wheelbarrow, mixing stick)
Wire mesh

Concrete cement is one of the most versatile and useful items that you can work with at home. It can be put to use in both the inside and the outside of your house. One of the most popular things that people choose to do with concrete cement is to pour it into a walkway in the front or back of a home. This walkway will provide a convenient place to walk or sit while you're outside, and it can help to add shape and structure to your outdoor space. Follow the simple steps below to properly pour concrete cement to build a walkway on your property.

Step 1 -- Design the Layout of the Walkway

The first thing that you'll need to do is to design the layout of your walkway. The most straightforward walkways make use of flat space only and are a standard width and shape. If you're interested in building a concrete walkway that goes up or down hill, you may need a more sophisticated set up or to be prepared to build stairs in your walkway. The remaining instructions will provide guidelines on how to build a concrete walkway on a flat surface.

Step 2 -- Level the Ground and Prepare the Space

One thing that you'll need to do before you can pour concrete is to prepare the space. Use a shovel to arrange the dirt in the area in which you'll build the walkway so that it's entirely level. You can use a level to check on the quality of your work as you go. Once you've leveled the space, remove any debris or grass that is in the way of the walkway.

Step 3 -- Lay the Edging Materials

The edging materials are wooden boundaries that provide the concrete with a mold in which to set and dry. The edging materials should be at least 3 inches deep. Attach them in place at the boundaries of your walkway. Many people insert boundaries in between where different sections of concrete will be as well. Secure the edging in place with brackets.

Step 4 -- Pour the Concrete

If you have pre-mixed concrete, you're now ready to pour. If you have to mix your own concrete, follow the instructions on the dry concrete packaging to mix it in a bucket or wheelbarrow. Slowly and carefully pour the concrete, and even it out with a trowel as you go.

Before the concrete has a chance to set, even it out entirely with a trowel and broom. Test with your level to be sure that the concrete is in place.

Step 5 -- Reinforce the Concrete

As you pour the concrete, consider adding a reinforcing wire mesh to help prevent cracks. The mesh can be laid over the top of the concrete while it's still wet and then covered with another small layer of concrete so that it isn't visible.

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