How to Precision Cut Polished Porcelain Tile

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-75
What You'll Need
Cutting board
Glass cutter
Tape measure
Cutting lubricant
Tiles to be cut
Fine grit sandpaper

Using polished porcelain tile can create a stylish design that adds to the décor of your home. In order to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly, it is essential to be able to make precise cuts, when necessary. Following these steps will allow you to cut porcelain tiles, without causing any damage, which will ensure that you achieve a perfect fit.

Step 1 – Mark Dimensions

Measure the area in which you will fit the polished porcelain tile, using a tape measure. Determine what dimensions must be used when cutting the tile. If necessary, note down the results, so that they are not forgotten. Turn the tile upside down and lay it on a cloth, so that you have access to the underside. Mark the point on each side of the tile where the cut line is to be made, making sure that you take any pattern on the reverse into consideration. Lay the straightedge onto the tile and firmly hold it in place to draw a line. Avoid pressing so hard that it slides across the surface. Draw a pencil line along the point where you intend to cut the tile.

Step 2 – Secure Tile

Ensure that you are in the best position to make a precise cut to the tile, by securing it on a cutting board. This will also help to avoid any accidents that can occur as a result of the tile sliding from place. Align the tile with the edge of the cutting board, so that it can be held securely. Fix the tile in place if the cutting board has the relevant clips.

Step 3 – Score Line

With a screwdriver and a straightedge, making sure you hold the latter firmly in place as you draw the screwdriver along the edge, score a line on the reverse of the porcelain tile, in order to create a groove that the glass cutter can run through. Position yourself so that you can comfortably draw the tool in 1 direction, while keeping it pressed to the surface. Avoid lifting the screwdriver from the surface, as this can result in an uneven line.

Step 4 – Cut

Hold the tile in the same position on the board, to enable you to begin cutting. Place the blade of the glass cutter in the groove created previously, at the far end of the tile. Slowly pull it toward you, pressing down firmly against the tile. Repeat this process as necessary. Apply some lubricating oil, if you find it difficult to run the glass cutter along the surface. Break the tile apart by gripping either side of the cut and gently bending. If necessary, smooth the cut edge of the tile by lightly rubbing it with fine grit sandpaper. Follow this by wiping away any remaining particles with a cloth.