How to Prepare a Wall for Paint After Removing Wallpaper

What You'll Need
Spray bottle
Gentle dish soap
Old rags
Drywall mud
Putty knife
Sandpaper or sander
Paintbrush or roller

Wallpaper can leave behind a messy residue that’s impossible to paint over. However, by following a few steps, painting your walls after removing your wallpaper is doable. Consider the following tools and steps to get started.

Step 1 – Scrape off Glue

After removing the wallpaper, scrape off as much glue and leftover wallpaper bits as you can with a putty knife. To make it easier, try lightly misting the wall with a mixture of water and a few squirts of dish soap.

Step 2 – Wash the Wall

After you have removed all of the wallpaper pieces and glue, you can wash the walls with old rags. With one rag, quickly wash a small area of wall with water and a little bit of gentle dish soap. Then, use a dry rag to dry the area you just washed. Repeat this process over the entire wall to ensure the wall doesn’t get too saturated with water during the cleaning process.

Step 3 – Patch and Repair

Next, check for any holes or damaged areas. Use drywall mud and a putty knife to fill in any holes, like those made by nails, or dents. Once the mud is dry, lightly sand the area to create a smooth surface.

Step 4 – Prime the Surface

Wallpaper is often used to hide imperfections in a wall surface. Therefore, it’s imperative that you prime the wall before painting. Use a high-quality primer and a roller or paintbrush to ensure your surface is covered before painting a new finish.

Now, you’re ready to begin painting.