How to Prepare for Painting Cedar Siding How to Prepare for Painting Cedar Siding

What You'll Need
Sanding block
Power washer

Painting cedar siding can be done when the siding is new or after it has been weathered. However, newer cedar will accept the paint more quickly than weathered cedar. Painting cedar siding is a relatively easy home improvement task if you follow some simple preparation steps.

Step 1 – Examining the Siding

Examine the cedar siding to determine the amount of preparation that will be required before you begin painting. Unfinished siding will require only sanding. Painted siding will require you to scrape off old paint before any sanding can be done.

Step 2 – Removing Old Paint

Use your scraper to remove any loose paint from the cedar siding. You can also use a power washer for this step. It is important to be careful when using the power washer. Be sure not to leave the nozzle in one spot too long or to apply too much water pressure because this can accidentally leave indentations in the wood.

Step 3 – Sanding the Siding

Use sandpaper to roughen the cedar siding. This will enable the paint to adhere better. Be sure to use an eighty grit sandpaper for this step. Attach the sandpaper to a sanding block.

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