How to Prepare Paint for Your Spray Paint Gun

What You'll Need
Disposable mixing cups
Steel ruler
Paint thinner

A spray paint gun can help your paint job move much more quickly. When using this type of tool, however, it’s vital that you properly prepare the paint before spraying or the results won’t be as good as you’d hoped.

Step 1 - When To Mix

There needs to be two stages to mixing. This makes sure that the paint is fully mixed by the time it leaves the spray paint gun and ensures that the paint will look just right on the wall. Many people will just mix in the spray gun. This can work but you’ll achieve a much better result with your spray paint gun if you make sure the paint is more thoroughly mixed beforehand. The extra step makes certain that this happens.

Step 2 - Mixing Cups

When you’re mixing the paint, start by looking at the recommendations made by the paint manufacturer. You need to be as exact as possible in the amount of paint and thinner you use. This is why mixing in disposable mixing cups with graduated amounts marked on the side offers a great advantage.

It allows you to pour exactly the right amount of paint and thinner each time and will give you the consistency you need. Having a different consistency each time you full the spray paint gun will lead to the project not looking quite right when you’ve finished spraying.

Step 3 - Mixing

Before you pour the paint into the mixing cu,p you need to stir it thoroughly. You can use a mixing stick or even a screwdriver, but these won’t do the best job for you. No matter how well shaken at the paint store, there will be a thicker layer of paint at the bottom of the can when you come to use it yourself. A sturdy steel ruler is the ideal answer. It’s strong enough to give you leverage on the thicker paint but supple enough to move easily.

Mix the paint in the can and once more when you’ve added it with the thinner to the mixing cup. This second stirring is extremely important. When you’ve done this, pour the mixture into the spray paint gun.

Step 4 - Spray Paint Gun

Once the paint is in the spray paint gun, mix it again to ensure that it will travel smoothly through the spray gun. Be aware that the contents of a single mixing cup might not be enough to fill the gun, so add another following the same procedure. Mix the paint in the spray paint gun after each cup added and once more before you begin to spray.

Step 5 - Filter

Make sure that the pick up tube of your paint spray gun has a filter. This will ensure that no small pieces of dried paint find their way through and end up on your project. Debris can fall off a paint can lid into your mixture, but the filter stops this.