How to Prepare to Install Kitchen Cabinets

  • 2-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wood filler
Dustbin liners
Putty knife
Paper and pencil

It will be necessary to install kitchen cabinets as part of any kitchen refurbishment project and preparing for this will make the process easier. With a few steps, you can ensure that the job will be done effectively.

Step 1 - Assess Existing Cabinets

In order to install kitchen cabinets, you will need to remove those that are already in place. Plan how you intend to dispose of them prior to any disassembly work, as they may need to be collected. You will then be in a position to remove the panels of the cabinets from one another with a screwdriver. Use a crowbar to lift the baseboards from the floor. Gather all the disassembled sections of the cabinets into dustbin liners to remove them from the kitchen.

Step 2 - Clear Area to Work

Don’t underestimate the amount of space you will need to assemble the cabinets. With this in mind, clear as much space in the kitchen as possible by removing any unnecessary items.

Step 3 - Rectify

Before doing the work to install kitchen cabinets, you will need to rectify any holes or defects created by the removal of the old cabinets. Use wood filler on any holes in the floor and caulk on the walls. Gather some of the respective compound onto a putty knife and fill the hole until it is possible to use a scraper to smooth the surface. If you have discovered any damage after removing the cabinets, it needs to be addressed before proceeding. Replace any water damaged floorboards and wood panels.

Step 4 - Plan

Once the room has been cleaned and prepared, you will be better able to plot where you intend to install kitchen cabinets. Draw up a plan to show where the cabinets will go, and use this as a guide during the installation process. Use the dimensions of the cabinets and measure the wall in accordance with these to determine how high on the wall the cabinets will be. If you are satisfied with the height and the shelves will be easily reachable, mark the wall with a pencil to show where the cabinets will go. Follow this process with the cabinets that will be installed on the floor so that they are aligned properly and will fit alongside kitchen appliances.

Step 5 - Assemble Cabinets

Check all the components in accordance with the instructions to ensure that you have everything before you begin assembly. Follow the instructions to assemble the cabinets. Set them aside when they are complete so that you have sufficient space to continue with the remainder. Determine where each cabinet will go and write a number on the wall to a corresponding one on the rear of the cabinet.