How to Prepare Your Old Door for a Mortise Lockset How to Prepare Your Old Door for a Mortise Lockset

What You'll Need
New set - you can order them online or find them in a hardware store.

Preparing your old door for a mortise lockset is a simple task. If you haven't heard much about this type of lock set before, you will want to consider it for your home. This type of lock is great for not only your home if you are looking for something that is secure and will fit where your old lock was, but it is also amazing to have in your office or for a business door. This lock is versatile and gives a great amount of security to your home or business. Here are a few tools and materials that you will need along with the steps that can help guide you through the process quickly.

Step 1 - Remove Fixtures

Use a screwdriver or drill to remove the old fixtures from the door. The door knobs, cover plates and levers will all be able to be removed with a screwdriver. You may want to consider hanging on to the screws in case you need them for your new installation or if something happens. If the lock set comes with a manual, you may want to consult it before installing, as well as the old knob so that you remove and install them properly in case they have a certain required way of being installed.

Step 2 - Get New Mortise Lockset

Now that you have a blank canvas, you can look at the old set and find out how everything was put together. This will help you to determine what to get for the new set that you are putting in. Most likely, you had a single set screw in place and you will want to bring the old set with you to the hardware store to find a replacement that works for you.

Step 3 - Line It Up

Once you have the new set, you can line it up where the old one was to prepare to install. In order to install, you will need to make sure that the opening where the old lock set was will fit the new one. Now that you actually have the new lock and are able to line it up, you will want to set it where it will go and mark with a pencil for any holes that need to be drilled or even if you need to saw any part of the door. You can use a circular saw to cut out parts of the door that you marked off.

Now that you have it installed, you will want to try the lock to be sure that it works. Then, you can make more copies of the key at a local hardware store if need be.

If you have any problems with the installation process, you may want to contact a professional, especially if you have to cut into the door and are not familiar with the process or lack the required tools or saw.

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