How to Preserve an Easter Lily for Decoration

What You'll Need
Silica gel
Air tight container

Easter lilys are very beautiful flowers and there are times when you will want to preserve it so that it can be used as a decoration. Flowers may be delicate however if you have access to the right tools and materials you will be able to preserve an Easter lily for many years to come.

Step 1 - Find some Silica Gel

Silica gel is a substance which can absorb huge quantities of moisture. You will commonly find it in little sachets which are put inside the boxes of electrical and various other products. The idea of this product is to absorb the moisture so that it can't cause any damage to the delicate electronics. Take a look for some silica gel packets.

You will need quite a lot of silica gel, you need enough to completely cover the flower although you don't need enough to fill your entire airtight container.

Silica gel is a crystallized powder and not actually a gel. This can be reused time and time again which is great news if you want to preserve a lot of flowers.

Step 2 - Prepare the Box

Now cut open the packets of silica gel, just make sure that nobody eats this substance. Sprinkle the silica gel into your airtight container in a thin layer right across the base.

Put the rest of the silica gel into a cup so that you can easily sift it over the rest of the box when needed.

Step 3 - Choosing the Flower

You will need to spend time choosing a flower to put into the box. It's best if you can choose a very fresh flower as the chances of preserving this are much higher. Make sure you choose a pretty flower that you like and want to preserve.

Step 4 - Placing the Flower Inside

Now you have a thin layer of silica gel in your box you need to put your flower in with the bloom facing the bottom of the box. Arrange it so that it looks exactly how you want it to. Get the cup full of the rest of the silica gel and spread this over the top of the flower. Make sure you don't rush this step as if you do it too quickly you could end up causing damage to your flower.

The flower needs to be completely covered in silica gel as this will help to remove the moisture from the flower which will in turn help to preserve it.

Once the flower is completely covered you must then seal the lid so that air can't get inside. Make sure that the box is completely sealed.

Step 5 - Waiting

You will now need to wait around 3 days before the flower will be ready to take out. The silica gel should of done its job of getting rid of the moisture in the flower which will make it last much longer. Do remember however that the flower is still delicate and still needs to be looked after.