How to Prevent a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Clogged garbage disposals mainly result from food waste lining the walls of the waste line or waste trap, plugging the pipe all together. The best way to prevent your garbage disposal from clogging is to pay attention to specific food waste being ground up and to make sure there is enough water to flush waste down the system. To maintain sharp blades and a clean system, regularly grind up ice cubes and sliced lemons with peels on.

Adequate Water

Keep the tap running when grinding food wastes and for 30 seconds afterward allowing all food matter to be completely flushed from the system minimizing any residue sticking to the walls of the pipes.

Banana Peels

Banana peels are long, stringy and fibrous. These stringy fibers can catch the gears and blades within a garbage disposal tangling the system in knots. Even when ground up, the stringy fibers can catch within the pipes causing tangles.

Potato Skins

The peelings of potato skins are highly starchy. When ground up, the peel's starch turns into a mushy glue which sticks to the walls of pipes causing obstructions.

Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds

The tiny particulate waste of ground up coffee or egg shells sticks to any sludge on the walls of pipes adding to further clogs.