How to Prevent a Hose Bib From Freezing

series of hose bibs on a water line
What You'll Need
Small bowl
What You'll Need
Small bowl

The hose bib, or the faucet located on the outside of your house where the hose is fitted, can easily freeze in the winter. Water freezes inside the tap and pipes, which damages the pipes and can cause them to burst. To prevent your hose bib from freezing during the colder months, try out these steps.

Step 1 – Turning off the Valve

The first step is to find the cut-off valve in your home. Simply follow the pipes from the tap outside to find the valve, and then shut it off completely to cut your water off. Make sure the valve is tightened and completely shut off, or water can still enter the external hose bib.

Step 2 – Removing the Hose

Next, remove the hose from the spigot to make sure it’s empty of any water. Tip the water out of the small section of the pipe until it’s completely gone. Then, store the hose inside your house or a garden shed.

Step 3 ­­– Draining the Hose Bib

Although you have shut off the valve inside your home, there will be some water already in the pipes. It's important to get rid of all of this water, so that there is no chance of it freezing and causing any damage. To get rid of the water, turn the tap on and let the water run out and down the drain. If you notice that your bib is faulty, replace it before continuing.

Draining Bleeding Valves

Then, go back inside and take a look at your shut-off valve. Most valves are “bleeding valves,” which you can use to remove even more water. Remove the small bleeding cap, and place a small bowl under it to catch any leftover water.

Step 4 – Leaving the Valve Open

Finally, leave your tap open, and put the bung back in the bleeding valve. Completing this step ensure that, if any water enters the faucet, it will run out and not freeze.

Leave your hose bib this way during the winter. When you want to use the hose again in the summer, switch the shut-off valve on, and let the water run through. If you want to make sure your hose bib never freezes, install a different kind of bib, like a frost-free bib.