How to Prevent a Slippery Outdoor Rubber Floor

A close up on outdoor rubber flooring.
What You'll Need
Rubber flooring

An outdoor rubber floor is a popular thing to install in areas like a garage or a patio. This type of flooring is naturally slip-resistant, but there are other things that you can do in order to make them even less likely to cause slips and falls. Here are some steps to show what can be done.

Step 1 - Order Knobbed Rubber Flooring

One thing you can do in order to prevent slipping on an outdoor rubber floor is to order the type of rubber flooring that comes with little knobs all over the rubber. You can buy different types of rubber flooring like this if desired.

Step 2 - Add an Epoxy Coating

A remedy that lasts a long time is to add a non-slip solution to your outdoor rubber floor to prevent slipping. You can do this by putting on an epoxy coating. The epoxy can be purchased in several varieties and is spread on the rubber flooring. It can also be mixed with things like aluminum oxide to make it have more of a sandpaper texture.

All in all, an outdoor rubber floor is a great choice to install outdoors in areas that you need to be slip-resistant, such as around a pool, around a patio, or in your garage.