How to Prevent and Treat Stains on Suede

What You'll Need
Suede Waterproofer
Suede Brush
Pencil Eraser
Nail File
Stale Bread

Suede is a great fabric for everything from shoes and clothing to furniture. It can seem like a tricky fabric to clean but steps can be made to ensure that your suede looks great, even if you have a few mishaps with dirt, water or food and drink. Some of these solutions may seem a bit odd, but they've been tried and tested for years and really do work! 

Step 1 - Regular Care

Brush your suede in the same direction until the suede is one uniform color. Use a special suede brush or soft cloth. Sometimes the best way to prevent your suede from looking tired and old is a simple, regular brushing. 

Step 2 - Waterproofing

Buy a spray solution specifically for waterproofing suede. You can find such a suede accessory in a store that sells suede shoes, coats or furniture. Before you apply, make sure you have brushed your suede and that the fibers are all going in the same direction. Read the instructions before starting, but generally hold the bottle at a medium length and spray evenly. This is very important as if you saturate one spot more than the others, it could dry at a different color. After you have covered your suede with the waterproofer, leave the piece in a ventilated room for at least a day before you take it outside. Most suede is ruined by rain or drink so it makes sense to waterproof all of your suede to prevent stains.

Step 3 - Stain Removal with an Eraser

Take a pencil eraser and gently "erase" the stain, applying more pressure later if needed. Make sure the pencil eraser is soft, otherwise the stain may get worse. Make sure you remember to brush afterwards for best results.

Step 4 - Stain Removal with a Nail File

Move the nail file over the stain in both directions. Start with light pressure and gradually increase if needed. Both the nail file and eraser work best with dirt stains or marks on suede shoes. This can be a second alternative if the eraser doesn't work for you.

Step 5 - Stain Removal with Stale Bread

Rub a piece of stale bread over the stain - yes, a piece of stale bread! The bread must be hard and you should remove the crust, then rub the crust over the stain. For the best results, wait until the bread is very hard and use the edge of the crust. This one sounds like a joke but it really does remove stains from suede.

Step 6 - Removing Water Stains

Brush your stain with a suede brush, but wait until the water stain is completely dry before starting. You can also use a shoe brush or any other kind of bristled brush. At first start with a soft brush and if that doesn't work, move to a coarser hair brush. If you're worried about brushing your suede, a quick rub with a clean, dry cloth could also work to get rid of the stain.