How To Prevent Bugs from Entering Your Home

What You'll Need
Storm doors or net screening
Window screens
Bug zappers
Repellant Herbs
Caulking and gun
Wall fill component and a scraper
Bay leaves
Duct tape
Trash cans with lids and bags
Broom and dustpan

Bugs in the home can be a nuisance. People do not want bugs flying around their heads when they are eating or watching television.

Pest control in the home will help to alleviate the insect problems that so many people have. The information below will explain how to prevent bugs from entering in an effort to alleviate the necessity of killing them.

Step 1: Install Storm Doors

Front and back doors are left open for a myriad of reasons. This practice allows insects to enter the home. Installing storm doors can help to prevent many insects from entering. Install one on every door leading to the outside of the home. Be sure that these doors fit the doorways effectively.

If it is not possible to hang storm doors, try hanging net screening instead.

Step 2: Installing Window Screens

Leaving a window open is the easiest and quickest way to let bugs into a home. Each window in the home should have a screen.

Install screens in frames that fit into the window or purchase camp screen units and install them instead. Repair any tears or holes in the screens as soon as they happen and be sure that the frames fit the windows correctly. If they do not, use duct tape to cover any open areas.

Step 3: Install Bug Zappers

Battery operated bug zappers can be placed intermittently around the outside of the home. Installing these contraptions will help to lessen the number of bugs entering the home. Although these pieces of equipment can also be used insode the home, they tend to be unsightly and can spread the bodies of dead insects in a surprisingly large radius of the zapper itself.

Step 4: Bug Repellant Herbs

Penny Royal is an herb that has insect repellant properties. Plant this herb around the home to prevent bugs from entering. Other herbs with these properties include Lavender, Thyme and Sage. Minty herbs work as well.

Step 5: Prevent Food Bugs

It is important to sweep and vacuum regularly so as not to attract bugs. Be sure that fruit and vegetables do not go bad to prevent fruit flies and that other food is not left out uncovered. Use lids on trash cans and remove trash bags from the home when they are full.

Keep food areas clean and add bay leaves to food cupboards and shelves as well as to stored or opened food containers. Be sure to also clean up any spills as soon as they occur.

Step 6: The Walls

Check the interior and exterior wall areas to be sure that there are no cracks or holes anywhere. If these are noticed on the outside, fill them immediately with caulking. If noticed on the inside walls, fill with wall fill compound and even the areas out with a scraper.

Bugs are unwanted guests in a home and it is highly important to take steps to prevent any infestation.