How to Prevent Disc Brake Rotors from Rusting

Disc brake rotors, unless they are expensive aftermarket performance varieties, are prone to rust. A rusty rotor is not able to perform at peak efficiency and will deteriorate quicker than a rust free rotor. Below is a quick how to prevent your disc brake rotors from rusting by painting the non friction portions of them. This is presuming factory new disc brake rotors.

Step 1 - Apply Heat Resistant Primer

This can be done by using a spray can type of paint or a brush applied type of paint. No matter which you choose, you should apply a minimum of 2 or 3 coats of primer. This will assure proper long term bonding of the main color.

Step 2 - Apply Heat Resistant Paint

Most of the paints that are suitable for painting disc brake rotors are going to be spray paints. Make sure you mask off the friction surfaces of the rotors before you paint them. Use a minimum of three coats to assure complete coverage and depth of color.

Step 3 - Apply Clear Coat

Without removing the masking from the friction surfaces, apply a minimum of 3 coats of a clear coat. This will protect the color from chipping and scratching.

Above you have been given three basic steps to preventing your disc brake rotors from rusting by painting them.