How to Prevent Drywall Dust Build Up How to Prevent Drywall Dust Build Up

What You'll Need
Plastic sheeting
Wet-Dry equipment

Any building project can create large amounts of drywall dust. By being especially careful, you can reduce the amount of dust you will need to remove when the building project is complete.

Step 1 – Covering the Room

Use tape to secure plastic sheeting to the doorways of the room being built or rebuilt. Use a heavy plastic sheeting product, to prevent any tearing or ripping.

Step 2 – Suctioning Dust

Suction dust out of the windows with a fan. The fans will need to be positioned so that they blow the air, and drywall dust, out of the window.

Step 3 – Wet-Dry Equipment

There are a variety of sanders and saws that can be attached to a wet-dry vacuum which will send the drywall dust directly into the vacuum compartment. If you do not have any of this type of equipment, it is readily available at the hardware store.

Step 4 – Wetting the Surfaces

Lightly wet the surfaces in the room before you begin to work on the building project. This will prevent the dust from moving through the air. Be careful using water around electric equipment.

Step 5 – Cleaning Work Clothes

The dust on your work clothes can be transported throughout the house. Remove and clean the clothes you are working as quickly as you can.







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